Customer Reviews and Testimonials

     We take pride in providing the best possible service to our customers on a daily basis! On this page you will find a long list of reviews from satisfied customers who took the time out to let us know what they thought of our service. If you would like to write us a review please feel free to email it to - We love hearing from our customers!
I never take the time to write reviews but I had to in this case! I had a gift sent to someone having a surgery just a few hours before I called to place the order. With the short timing I expected complications of some kind. I ended up giving the wrong hospital location and your people stayed right on top of it and let me know she wasn't there in plenty of time to figure out a different plan. I ended up having the gift delivered right to her house the next day after I figured everything out close to 5pm the day before with no extra charge! Your prices are extremly fair and it made me and her very happy. This was the easiest, most convenient and best service I have probably ever received and just wanted to say you guys rock and I will absolutly recommend you to anyone. Thank you for the awesome and courteous service and for staying in touch with me at all times through the day!
~ Chris B. 7/22/2015
Lowney, Thank you for taking care of this. It is very much appreciated.
~ Bonnie S. 7/18/2015
Thank you for the wonderful customer service that you provide. I ordered the Artisan Bouquet of the Day on July 13, 2015 for my mother who is a patient at the hospital and she loved them! She said the flowers and colors that were picked out were absolutely beautiful, including the beautiful container the flowers came in. It brightened her day more than I could imagine. Thank you, again!
~ Katharine M. 7/16/2015
Thanks, Cathie! I also spoke to Jantina on the phone, too. Your customer service is awesome. Have a great fourth!
~ Elizabeth D. 7/2/2015
Thank you so much for correcting this! BTW she loved the bear too. :)
~ John H. 6/18/2015
Just want to say thanks in getting the missing balloons straightened out and delivered. Top notch service!
~ John L. 6/16/2015
Thank you, they are lovely and exceeded expectation.
~ Charlotte R. 6/8/2015
I just received a picture of my daughter in law with the roses I sent through your service. They are absolutely beautiful! You were so diligent in getting them to her and I so appreciate it. Being here in Texas I felt so helpless and worried. Seeing a picture of her with those beautiful flowers just lifted my heart. I will whole heartedly recommend your company to anyone wanting to send flowers to a loved one in a hospital!
~ Jane P. 6/6/2015
The flowers I ordered for my sister-in-law (the artisan bouquet of the day) are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much! I will definitely use your company in the future.
~ Kyle R. 6/4/2015
Thank you so much, Cathie!! I truly appreciate it!!!
~ Stacia T. 6/3/2015
Thank you all so much. I'm thousands of miles away and my Dad is sick. I wish I could've jumped on a plane, but that was almost impossible. The balloons cheered him up, I was able to hear it in his voice. Thanks again!
~ Nicole F. 6/2/2015
I appreciate your awesome service!!! Very impressed with your service!!!!!
~ Lydia D 6/1/2015
I placed an order for flowers for my mom whose been in the hospital for almost two weeks. The flowers arrived today with the balloon that I ordered! Thank you so much for giving such great care in the work that you do. The flowers were absolutely beautiful and my mother even said that they were full of fragrance! You made her day!!! And the balloon was awesome as well. I thought it was just going to be some little balloon and when she sent me a picture of what everything looked like I was so amazed! This is the first time I've used your service and I will use it again. Thank you again for brightening our days when we needed it the most!
~ Mrs. Anna Marie M 5/5/2015
You did a great job in filling the order I placed. Exceeded my expectations. Thank you.
~ Norma S. 4/23/2015
What amazing service! My son and daughter-in-law let me know that our order in celebration of the new granddaughter arrived and was lovely. I haven't seen what was delivered, but your special attention to customer service alone makes me confident that a beautiful bouquet was prepared and delivered. Thanks for helping us celebrate our granddaughter's birthday!
~ Cindy E. 4/10/2015
That is wonderful and I did not expect it. She is very ill and all alone on her birthday. Your Customer Service shines. Thank You.
~ Cathy N. 3/19/2015
That is great. I am sorry for the weather and misunderstanding. My Dad was very happy with his delivery. Do to your help I will recommend your company to friends and colleagues.
~ Ashley W. 3/17/2015
I originally ordered a full candy/chocolate bouquet to be delivered to a little boy getting chemo today. Your website allowed me to place the order to be delivered to Lutheran General. I called when I received this email. Poor Whitney got my phone call. How could I get this little boy something today when it is after 2:00! Here is a child fighting for his life and all I want is to get a smile on his face for 5 minutes. I was very upset and Whitney allowed me to rant. She listened and said she would call me back with a solution. I had no faith I would get that call. About 20 minutes later Whitney called. She advised that Matthew would get a delivery in 15 minutes. It was not what I ordered but she found something similar. The bouquet worked. Mission accomplished Whitney! Thank you for allowing me to yell, for just listening and not offering excuses, for finding a solution to my problem and actually following through.
~ Sarah D. 3/15/2015
Can I just say that I have received amazing service from your team today? The best over-the-phone conversations with an internet company that I have ever had! First this morning when I entered the wrong postal code and my credit card wouldnt go through, I thought I was going to have to wait on hold forever, but NOPE! Straight away a lovely lady answered and gave me the solution. Then this afternoon a nice young man called to inform me that my delivery wasnt able to be delivered and you guys have fixed that up so quickly now, too! Fabulous service. Dont stop! Thanks so much!
~ Karina 6/13/2014
Thank you very much. He loved them.
~ Rhonda F 5/21/14
I just wanted to say thank you. The flower arrangement was beautiful. I will be using your service for all my future hospital flower deliveries.
~ Jamie R 5/21/14
Thank you for brightening Ronnie's day.. he loved the balloons! I appreciate your service and will keep your number on hand for future orders. Thanks for all you do.
~ Margaret T 5/21/14
I have heard that Jim was thrilled. Thank you for assisting us from far away to bring joy to our friend.
~ Wanda M 5/16/2014
Thank you. The flowers were delivered and they are beautiful. I will certainly use your service again.
~ Carol J 5/6/2014
Thank you. I have to tell you that has an amazing customer service department. I'm so impressed with your responsiveness and concern!!
~ Julie S 5/14/2014
Great! I would recommend your service to anyone! Customer service has been great!
~ Tarry R 4/24/2014
Dear Friends, Just want to say a big thank you for the efficiency of your delivery. Was overjoyed to get the parcel from us. It is hard when you are on the other side of the world, but you have made the process easy. Again, thank you.
~ Debbie T 4/16/2014
Your customer service is excellent!!!!!!!!!
~ Walter 4/8/2014
Thank you so much. The arrangement was beautiful ! And it was awesome that you were able to reroute the delivery after my daughter was released from the hospital early.
~ Trish M 3/31/2014
You guys are the best! Will definitely use you again!
~ David K. 11/28/12
You folks went way beyond what I would have expected. Thank you for taking care of this.
~ Ken A. 11/5/12
I truly appreciate your quick action in this matter. The people I have dealt with in your company have been very prompt and courteous. The good customer service will lead me to use you in the future.
~ 10/29/12, Sheri
My kid cousin went thru a serious surgery. He received his chocolates today and even requested one of them. It brightened his day. I greatly appreciate the same day delivery. Your sales rep was wonderful, as I could not get the online system to accept my order. Nice Job! I love the customer service!
~ 10/27/12, Deb D.
I heard the bouquet was just beautiful and it brightened his day very much. Thank you. I have highly recommended this method of delivery to others.
~ 9/30/12, Dallas S.
I have to tell you I hadn't heard of your company and was a little nervous about my purchase especially making it online and half way across the country. Your service was better than my expectations. Thank you for your fantastic service. One Happy Customer!
~ 9/4/12, Elizabeth
Thank you for the quick and efficient service. It’s a great service to have when you cannot be there!!!! She loved the bear.
~ 8/3/12, Penny L.
My brother sent me a picture of the bouquet and it looked just like it did on your web site. Thank you for coming through!
~ 7/27/12, Michelle K.
Thank you very much; your efficiency as well as being kept informed of the status has made the world of difference. Very much appreciated.
~ 7/17/12, Joe A.
Thank you so much for making sure my mother-in-law's flower delivery succeeded. I am sorry I gave you the wrong hospital information, and so impressed at the professional and timely manner in which your company repaired my mistake. You are a great company and I will definitely recommend your services to anyone!
~ 7/12/12, Colleen W.
Thank you for getting it there today. She said she loved it! Since we live in Hawaii it was important to get it there before she was discharged tomorrow. Mahalo. (Thank you!)
~ 7/10/12, Patsy L.
Wow... you guys are good! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Will be sure to order from you again!
~ 6/5/12, Catherine D.
Your customer service is exceptional.
~ 4/3/12, Wilbur and Linda
Your flowers were more beautiful than the photo. It was my daughter's first day in her new position at Tampa General Hospital as well as her birthday. I will definitely order from you again. Thank you so much.
~ 4/2/12, Diane B.
"Thank you" so very much for the care you and your staff took with the flower arrangement that I ordered on Oct.31 and that you delivered on the same day. Also, the order comfirmation/email was so nice and personable!Everyone commented on how lovely they were and I will definitely use your company again. Please make sure that the young lady that took my order knows how much I appreciated her kindness and helpfulness in helping me with my order. Thank you again!
~ Suzanne H. Nov.1, 2011
She received the flowers and said they are beautiful! Thanks so much you guys ROCK, this makes a very hard time just a bit better.
~ Thanks so much, Cristin K.
Thank you for the refund for a delayed delivery. You're a company I will definately do business with and recommend.
~ Regards, Robb L
See the email trail below. Annie is fantastic! So professional! She helped me out so much by calling, emailing and responding very quickly to my emails! What a good employee! I am so happy and will use your company again!
~ Thanks again, John S
Thank you so much, I'm really sorry about all of this. I didn't know he was going to be moved. But soon as I find out 100% where he is and how long he will be there. I shall place another order. You guys do a very good job and are super fast at getting orders delivered and wanting to be on time. Kudos! :)

We appreciate your help so very much.....and your prompt response! You can be certain we will all be shopping with you! We're so glad to have found you.
~ Thanks, Virginia
Thanks for your email. All is well, my daughter has told me she has received the gift, and is very pleased with it. Thanks for your help and excellent service. Being so far away, it is great to know there is such a good service such as yours.
~ Kind regards, June S.
Thank you! My son had a massive heart attack at 46. Also, I am 3000 miles from home visiting with his sister and family, so I can't see him. I appreciate your fast service.
~ Verdie
Thank you so much for everything! Little ---name removed--- got her kitty cat (and other friends) and is resting comfortably in the hospital! She loved her new animals, especially the cat (whose name is Nibbles). I am very happy that I found your web site and will definitely keep it for further usage and recommend to others!!
~ Karin
Thank you so much. My sister is a nurse in Florida and suggested your site to us. I have recommended you to other Canadian family members who want to send her some goodies!
~ Sheila
Thanks Jen. You guys certainly give great service!
~ Cheers