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Our Pledge

1-Operate with extreme compassion and professionalism during what we understand may be the most challenging time in ones life.

2-Uphold the highest standards of privacy and professionalism required of the healthcare continuim.

3-Hand prepare and deliver quality products directly to the patient bedside at the hospital, home or any location where they may be resting or recovering.

4-Provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Q: Who is HospitalGiftShop.com?

A: HospitalGiftShop.com/Healthy Commerce, Inc. is a San Diego, California based company with a mission to assist in improving the outcomes of patients by connecting them to their loved ones. HospitalGiftShop.com provides an easy way to send personalized flowers and gifts to patients and staff at hospitals across the United States and Canada. The gifts in our store have been specially selected to address all hospital stays, from the birth of a baby to the treatment of an illness.

Q: Are you located directly in the hospital?

A: HospitalGiftShop.com provides the online shops for many of the nations top hospitals. We also deliver to other "non-partner" hospitals and addresses within our delivery area. Our offices are not located within the hospital itself.

Partner Hospitals
Hospital partner online shops process and deliver orders directly from on-site gift shop inventory, from fresh local vendor partners, or from other off-site vendor partners. Partner hospitals benefit directly from online sales.

Here are just a few of the nations top hospitals and systems that have chosen Healthy Commerce as their online partner:

Non-Partner/Non-Affiliate Hospital Deliveries
HospitalGiftShop.com also provides delivery service to all other hospital locations, healthcare facilities, homes and offices in the U.S. and Canada that are not partnered with or affiliated with us.  For these locations, you may look up the addresses of hospitals or other healthcare related locations in our easy to use directory or you may cut and paste the address from your preferred online online search.   Our online shop processes and delivers these orders from off-site vendor partners. Non-partner hospitals do not benefit directly from online sales.

For further information, please write us at info@hospitalgiftshop.com or call, toll-free 877-887-3200.

*Please Note: Hospitalgiftshop.com delivers flowers to all hospitals in our database. Not all hospitals are directly affiliated with hospitalgiftshop.com.