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Q: Are you located directly in the hospital?

A: HospitalGiftShop.com provides the online shops for many of the nations top hospitals. Our offices are not located within the hospital itself.

Partner Hospitals
Hospital partner online shops process and deliver orders directly from on-site gift shop inventory, from fresh local vendor partners, or from other off-site vendor partners. Partner hospitals benefit directly from online sales.

Non-Partner/Non-Affiliate Hospital Deliveries
HospitalGiftShop.com also provides delivery service to all other hospital locations, healthcare facilities, homes and offices in the U.S. and Canada that are not partnered with or affiliated with us.  For these locations, you may look up the addresses of hospitals or other healthcare related locations in our easy to use directory or you may cut and paste the address from your preferred online online search.   Our online shop processes and delivers these orders from off-site vendor partners. Non-partner hospitals do not benefit directly from online sales.

*It is important to note that hospitalgiftshop.com provides delivery service to all hospitals in our database but may not be directly affiliated with your hospital. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Participating Hospitals

Partnering with HospitalGiftShop.com

HospitalGiftShop.com provides your shop with a 24/7 online hospital gift shop and toll free number.  The partnership sign up process is simple and quick and HospitalGiftShop.com:

  • manages and operates your secure online gift shop
  • performs credit card transactions
  • handles all customer service phone calls and email
  • prepares and delivers orders
  • sends your hospital shop or volunteer program a commission check
  • Why partner with HospitalGiftShop.com?

    HospitalGiftShop.com is the most recognized patient gift and flower website in the United States.  Unlike traditional flower shops and wire services, HospitalGiftShop.com was founded to increase patient and staff satisfaction by connecting patients to their loved ones.  We focus on providing the best and broadest selection of Get Well and New Baby gifts and flowers that are environmentally appropriate for delivery to your hospital. 

    The nations top hospitals systems are partnering with hospitalgiftshop.com!

    Here are just a few of the nations top hospitals and systems that have chosen Healthy Commerce as their online partner:

    Ready to Launch Your Store and Start Earning Commissions Today? email us at: partners@hospitalgiftshop.com or call 1-877-887-3200.


    HospitalGiftShop.com, brightening hospital stays.