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  • Get Well Gifts for Broken Bones or Falls
    Broken Bones

    • Accidents happen to all of us and sometimes they result in broken bones. Whether your loved one broke a limb cliff diving, washing the dog, or falling off a bike, the outcome is the same, and it involves pain and casts. 

    • If the patient is a child, he or she may be comforted by a stuffed animal or four. Critters in a Basket is a wonderful gift that contains four assorted plush animals geared towards the patient’s age and gender. 

    • For the adult the patient may feel ready to seize the day but his or her mobility will be impaired. The entertainment basket makes a great selection to show you care until the cast comes off. 

  • Get Well Gifts for Car Accidents

    • Most of us drive and many of us are bound to be in a fender bender at some point. What type of get well gift do we give someone in a car accident? 

    • Flowers or Get Well Balloons to show your support for the family during a time that may be different is a great way to show your support. 

    • The Bouquet of the Day, the Daylight Bouquet, Dawning Love Bouquet for a close loved one or Get Well Balloons make great selections. 

    • Get Well Gifts for Poisoning

      • Poisoning happens through chemical reactions. Most poisons are swallowed but can also be ingested by breathing, through the skin or even injection. 

      • As a family member or friend of the patients it is best to offer support through items that do not give off a scent such as flowers or food. 

      • We recommend the Get Well Balloons, comfortable slippers such as Dr. Comfort or if the patient is a child the Critters in a Basket.

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