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  • Get Well Gifts for the Flu
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    • Influenza (or the flu as it is commonly referred too) is a highly contagious viral infection, this is the most severe in the winter months. Each of us is affected with the flu at some point in our lives. Flu symptoms can range from mild to severe, requiring a hospital stay. When your loved one requires a hospital stay send same day flowers to show your support.

    • Pneumonia is a lung infection. It can cause coughing, fever, and a hard time breathing. Most cases of the pneumonia can be treated at home. The general cause of pneumonia is bacteria or a virus. Older individuals, babies, or people with other diseases may require hospitalization if pneumonia becomes very ill.

  • Influenza & pneumonia resources for friends & family

    • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a resource to show flu activity during the year. Find the flu activity map here

    • The United States Government has a website dedicated to treatment of the flu. For symptom information and treatment click here 

    • The American Lung Association has common resources for the pneumonia on their website found here

    • Gifts for those with the flu or pneumonia

      • When your loved one requires a hospital stay send same day flowers to show your support. Hospital Gift Shop has a range of flowers and arrangements that can be sent to over 8,000 hospitals in the United States and Canada. 

      • For those staying at home, a pair of slippers delivered to the home will make a patient feel at home and comfortable!

      • Hospital Gift Shop gifts can also be delivered to any house or apartment in the United States or Canada for those without hospital stays.

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Get Well Gifts for Influenza & Pneumonia