Extra Virgin Olive Oil (750ml) - "Olio23"

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Whether you plan a fine dining experience or just a casual al fresco summer gathering, 23 is the perfect healthy complement.

23 is fresh, healthy, unblended, extra virgin olive oil, harvested from ancient trees, on small local farms in southern Italy, and delivered directly to your kitchen table.

Even though extra virgin olive oil is something we are all familiar with and have had lots of exposure to in our lives, we were amazed through our own education that unfortunately the good stuff rarely makes it to our tables.

Our mission is to connect the independent family farmer in Puglia with the American family table. We bypass the traditional oil distribution system, which inflates price and sacrifices quality, by partnering with the small independent farm. We offer direct access to the highest quality, unrefined, antioxidant-packed olive oil by handling it every step of the way.

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