"Keep It Off" by Dr. Brian Alman

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Dr. Brian Alman is one of the world’s leading authority in the fields of health and wellness.

Keep It Off is recommended by Deepak Chopra, Kaiser Permanente and people all over the world when the goal is to lose weight AND keep it off. This book is ideal for kids and adults who want to be more motivated, more positive and more relaxed about this very important area that affects self-esteem, health and happiness.

About the Author

Kaiser Permanente calls Dr. Alman, “The doctor of last resort” because he helps people help themselves and most of them have not responded to other treatments for decades. His 2012 book, The Voice, details his revolutionary methods for helping people go inside and hear their own calm, healing inner Voice. And he done the same for children with his latest book, Less Stress for Kids. Dr. Alman is also the founder of TruSage, a company that has been delivering "wellness calls" for twenty years to people all over the world. Truage calls feature automated wellness coaching and personalized follow-up via patented mobile phone, text, email, apps and multi-media messages. He has also worked with many celebrities and professional athletes. He has taught at the University of Paris, the University of California, the Harvard Medical School, as well as in India, Germany, Holland, Japan, and many other countries. Dr. Alman’s skill in teaching people how to find their own best wellness (health and happiness) answers is world-renowned because his techniques are individualized, natural, simple, positive, fast, effective, empowering, and life-lasting.